TV Rigid Boxes

Custom Printed TV Rigid Boxes That Offer Supreme Aesthetics

The Rigid Box creates packaging that can help you pull customers towards the products. Our custom TV rigid boxes not only function well, but they look mesmerizing. Our wholesale TV rigid boxes use the finest materials and can help you elevate your brand. 

We use the latest technologies to transfer your brand artworks and texts onto the packaging. We also offer color models that can help you decorate your boxes. Furthermore, our add-ons and finishing coats can help you make many eye-catching designs. Let’s not wait any longer. Order some samples, and let’s fascinate the customers with custom TV rigid boxes. 

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    What Are TV Rigid Boxes?

    Rigid boxes that are used to house TVs are known as TV rigid boxes. Rigid material has a class of its own. Furthermore, it is durable enough to withstand short and long-distance shipping. Moreover, it can safeguard your products over international routes as well. However, that is not all. Custom TV rigid boxes can be made into different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, their print quality allows you to transform them into marketing tools.

    Printing Techniques Used In TV Rigid Boxes

    When it comes to packaging, customers want to see more than simple, brown, and bland boxes. It serves the brand well to excite the customers using creative designs and intricate lettering. Custom printed TV Rigid Boxes can help you do this. However, to print such boxes, you need reliable printing techniques. You need methods that can help you create clear and smudge-free designs—at the same time, keeping the cost within budget. Thus, we offer a choice between two printing techniques. The following is a brief description.

    • Digital printing technique
    • Offset printing technique

    Digital Printing Technique

    This printing technique is helpful if you want to create a good quality print in the shortest time possible. This method is simple to set up and does not need much time to start producing prints. Thus, the turnaround time for this technique is low. Furthermore, you can make design changes with ease. Moreover, this method is cost-effective for completing low-volume orders.

    Offset Printing Technique

    This printing technique is helpful when you want the best possible print quality. This quality is possible with the help of printing plates that transfer the image onto the packaging material. However, making design changes incurs more cost and time in the process. Furthermore, this method needs time to set up. Thus, the turnaround times for this technique are high. That being said, offset printing is a cost-effective option for completing high-volume orders. 

    Color Models Used In TV Rigid Boxes

    Colors can make or break a packaging. They help you display the emotions related to the products and the brand. Color models are based on mathematical formulas that help represent color. They help printers know which shades are to be used. Accurate color representation can help your branding. The following are the different color models we offer. 

    • CMYK Color Model
    • PMS Color Model

    CMYK Color Model

    This model uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. These colors are mixed with pure white to control the brightness. Using this model, you can create vibrant and intense color gradients. These intense shades help captivate the customers and pull them towards your custom printed TV rigid boxes. 

    PMS Color Model

    The Pantone Matching System was developed to tackle the problem of color consistency. This model uses unique codes to represent each color. Thus, the printers can reproduce your desired shades with ease. Furthermore, this technique helps create spot colors. 

    Are you interested in spicing up collapsible rigid boxes? Maybe you’re interested in creating 2 pieces rigid boxes with attractive designs? If yes then contact our team and ask about our printing techniques and color models.

    Customization Options Used In TV Rigid Boxes

    Custom printed TV rigid boxes look amazing on their own. However, why would you want to waste the opportunity to make them truly exceptional? Our customization options can help you take your packaging to the next level. If you want to create collapsible rigid boxes that stand out in the saturated market, then choose our customization options. We have separated them into two categories. The following is a brief description of the customization options we offer. 

    • Finishing Coats 
    • Add-Ons 

    Finishing Coats For TV Rigid Packaging 

    These customizations cover the entire packaging in a thin yet beautiful coating. These coatings have different effects. Furthermore, they can help complete the look of the packaging. If you want to create 2 pieces rigid boxes that dazzle your customers, choose from the following finishing coats.

    • Soft-Touch Finishing Coat
    • Gloss Finishing Coat
    • Matte Finishing Coat
    • Varnish Finishing Coat

    Add-Ons For TV Rigid Boxes

    Add-ons can help you decorate your packaging with extra features. Thus, they can help you endear the customers. They can help you leave an everlasting impression. Furthermore, you can use more than one add-on at a time. Thus, you can create a packaging style that is unique to your brand. The following are the different add-ons we offer. 

    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Spot UV
    • Window Patching
    • Hot Stamping

    Prototyping Options For Your TV Rigid Boxes

    The prototyping options we offer can help you view your samples with ease. They are accurate representations of the different aspects of your design. Thus, you can choose to make changes where needed. Not happy with the customization options on your wholesale TV rigid boxes? Why not mix and match other combinations and view them with the following options. 

    • 2D Flat View
    • 3D Mock-Up Video
    • Physical Unit Sampling

    Let’s Make Secure TV Rigid Boxes

    The Rigid Boxes prides itself on making the best possible rigid packaging. We use premium packaging material to ensure our boxes live up to industry-leading standards. We complement our packaging with state-of-the-art printing techniques and color models. Thus, helping you improve your branding. Furthermore, our customizations can help you make truly exceptional custom TV rigid boxes. You can order samples that represent your design in two or three dimensions. Moreover, you can even order physical samples. 

    Custom TV Rigid Boxes, Durable And Entrancing

    The Rigid Box believes in making custom packaging that can captivate your customers while housing your products. Our TV rigid boxes help represent this belief. 



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