Rigid Cardboard Boxes

Robust Rigid Cardboard Packaging That Embodies Versatility 

The Rigid Box helps you step away from the old, bland, and stale packaging. We offer impressive customization options, and our rigid cardboard packaging is a perfect substrate for these options. We offer a range of add-ons, finishing coats, printing techniques, and color models.

With the help of these options, you’ll be able to create exceptional packaging solutions that can help you tackle many problems. Our custom rigid cardboard packaging can help you elevate your brand to the next level and increase your sales with enticing designs. Why not create exciting samples? Contact us, and let’s get to it.


What Are Rigid Cardboard Boxes?

In the competitive world of consumerism, you need versatile custom packaging. Wholesale rigid cardboard packaging boxes can help you increase sales by attracting customers. Furthermore, this packaging is beautiful. Thus, it can attract customers to the products. 

Why Is Custom Packaging Preferred By The Businesses? 

When you want to give the customers a unique unboxing experience, you should go for custom packaging. You have the freedom to design the packaging per your branding and product needs. Custom packaging can be designed with your brand colors, and you can add the artwork of your choice. Custom packaging helps to make your product stand apart from the sea of competitors. Following are some benefits that you get by designing custom packaging for your brand: 

Better Customer Experience

Better packaging provides a better customer experience. A well-designed packaging pops out on the retail shelves, which can help increase ROI and brand recognition. Ugly, stale, generic packaging will leave a bad impression on the customers, affecting your sales. Invest in custom packaging with attention-grabbing features and take your brand to new heights. 

Better Product Protection

Custom packaging will complement your delicate and oddly-shapes products. The last thing you want is for your product to break during shipping because the generic packaging is not sturdy enough to withstand external pressures. Custom packaging is ideal for companies that want durable packaging for their brand. 

Increased Brand Value

The packaging helps to increase the brand awareness and perceived value of your product. When a customer enters the retail store, they see thousands of products on the shelves. To make your product stand out in the store, you need to invest in custom packaging. Boring packaging is a huge turn-off for the customers, decreasing product sales as the customers mostly ignore the product. When you invest in custom packaging, it increases the brand’s value. You will be able to create an emotional connection with the customers with the help of your packaging. This emotional bonding can help your secure repeat sales. 

We can help you design custom packaging that excites the customers. Call us today to know more about our packaging services and how we can design custom packaging that can help you secure more sales. 

Customization Options Used In Rigid Cardboard Boxes

Ordinary packaging does not have the same impact as a trendy rigid cardboard box for packing. Brands are constantly looking for ways to excite and entice their customers. Our customization options can help you do that. With our different options, you can create many designs. Thus, you can cater to the entire catalog of your products.

Furthermore, with the help of our customization, you’ll be able to impart a personal style to the custom rigid cardboard gift boxes. We separate our customization options into two categories. The following is a brief description of the two categories. 

  • Finishing Coats 
  • Add-Ons 

Finishing Coats For Rigid Cardboard Packaging

These customizations help you give the packaging a completed look. Thus, you can add another layer of unique style. Our finishing coats allow you to spice up luxury rigid cardboard candle gift packaging and create custom rigid packaging with outstanding visual appeal. The following are the different options of finishing coats we offer.

  • Soft-Touch Finishing Coat
  • Gloss Finishing Coat
  • Matte Finishing Coat
  • Varnish Finishing Coat

Give us a call today to know more about the finishing coats, and let us help you select the one that meets your packaging and product needs. 

Add-Ons For Rigid Cardboard Packaging

Imagine the transit your wholesale rigid cardboard packaging goes through. Wouldn’t it be nice if your packaging could turn heads and bring attention to your products and brand? Our add-ons help you do that. Add-ons are extra features that help embellish the packaging. Furthermore, they can help endear the customers and improve their experience. The following are the different add-ons options we offer.

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spot UV
  • Window Patching
  • Hot Stamping

Printing Techniques Used In Rigid Cardboard Packaging

We offer printing techniques that can help you transform the custom rigid packaging boxes into modern masterpieces. Furthermore, the different options can help you remain within budget while producing eye-catching and smudge-free prints. We offer the following printing options. 

  • Digital printing technique
  • Offset printing technique

Color Models Used In Rigid Cardboard Packaging

Color models help the printers know which shades to use while printing. They are a standard way of representing the different shades in the spectrum. Furthermore, they can help you create brand-accurate colors consistently.

  • CMYK Color Model
  • PMS Color Model

Prototyping Options For Your Rigid Cardboard Packaging

We offer sampling options that can help you view your designs accurately. We offer different options that can help you judge the different aspects of your packaging. The following are the rigid cardboard packaging prototypes we offer. 

  • 2D Sampling
  • 3D Sampling
  • Physical Sampling

Let’s Make Amazing Custom Rigid Cardboard Packaging

The Rigid Box is the leading manufacturer of custom rigid packaging boxes. Our customizability allows you to create different styles. We can cater to luxury rigid cardboard candle gift packaging with the help of wonderful finishing coats and add-ons. Our digital and offset printing techniques help you transfer the brand images onto the packaging with ease. Furthermore, our color models can help you decorate custom rigid cardboard gift boxes. Our prototyping options can help give you the ease of mind when designing the packaging. 



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