Magnetic Rigid Boxes

Aesthetically Pleasing Magnetic Rigid Boxes For Your Brand

Are you looking for magnet rigid boxes to house your high-end products? Custom Rigid Boxes manufactures rigid magnetic boxes that are durable and protective. Also, these are appealing to look at; hence, present your products attractively on a retail shelf. 

You can avail our printing techniques and color models to enhance your branding design and product details artistically. Moreover, make your product packaging look unique and trendy with our custom add-ons and finishing coats. These features work as a marketing tool to promote your products. Get in touch with our expert team to create eye-catching custom magnetic rigid boxes for your valuable products. 

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    What Are Magnetic Rigid Boxes?

    These are high-quality boxes crafted with rigid material. These have a magnetic closure. These usually come in the form of a one-piece box having a flap that closes with the help of a magnet sealed in the packaging material. 

    You can pack and secure your high-end products in our wholesale rigid magnetic boxes. As we prepare them with the densest packaging material, these boxes are robust and protect the products from external pressures. Moreover, rigid magnetic boxes provide a strong substrate for various customizations and can carry them well. 

    We can craft them in any size and style you want, considering your product requirements. You can avail of a whole range of magnetic rigid gift boxes. Our expert team is here to guide you in crafting excellent packaging to present your products. 

    Selection Of Printing Techniques For Magnetic Rigid Boxes

    Printing technique is a significant factor that can uplift your marketing game. This helps in highlighting your product and brand information that you want your customers to notice. Also, dull and plain packaging looks boring and fails to grab customer attention. 

    Here we provide you a description of printing techniques to help you make an informed decision. Following are the two options you can avail from:

    • Offset Printing Technique 
    • Digital Printing Technique

    Offset Printing Technique

    If you want high-resolution images on your packaging material, then offset printing is the ideal option. However, it would help if you considered the relatively longer turnaround times and hassle of design alterations as it requires the preparation of design plates before the printing process. Hence, making changes later demands additional time and money. Other than that, it is a cost-effective option for large-scale orders only.

    Digital Printing Technique

    It is a widely used printing technique these days. Owing to its instant print delivery and low cost, digital printing has become very popular. Also, its preparation process is simple as instead of design plates; it requires a digital image and a printer that transfers the image to the packaging sheet. Hence, it is cost-effective for both small and large-scale orders, plus it is convenient to incorporate design alterations. 

    Eye-Catching Color Models For Magnetic Rigid Boxes

    Color models complete the look of your packaging design. Imagine plain rigid candy boxes with magnetic closure; would they be able to gain customers with dull and boring packaging? No, it must appear colorful and appealing to get customer attention.

    This is why choosing a suitable color model is important. It represents your product and helps in brand recognition. 

    We offer you the following color models:

    • CMYK Color Model
    • PMS Color Model

    CMYK Color Model

    If you require vibrant multicolored images, then CMYK is the ideal option. It uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black to form more colors. However, it may not produce the same color when using different devices as it is a subtractive color model.

    PMS Color Model

    If spot colors are what you need for your brand logo and presentation, then Pantone Matching System is the right choice for you. The images may not appear as vibrant as those with CMYK, but the accuracy and consistency in colors are remarkable. It is a universal color model with a coding system to denote each color specifically.

    Our team of professionals is always available to take away your worries and help you select the ideal option for your wholesale magnetic rigid boxes.  

    Add-Ons To Enhance Custom Magnetic Rigid Boxes

    Do you want your brand details to be noticed by the customers? Do you want it to be recognized by customers with eye-catching additional features? If so, then you must avail of our add-ons that highlight your brand and product details. Here are the options you can avail:

    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Spot UV Treatment
    • Foiling / Hot Stamping
    • Window Patching  

    Whether you have small-sized delicate products or large rigid magnetic closure gift boxes, our add-ons can add just the right amount of glam into them and make them look highly appealing to the customers. 

    Enticing Finishing Coats For 

    Make your rigid boxes more captivating with our finishing coats that smooth out all the details and give your rigid boxes a soft look.

    Avail your choice of finishing coat from the following options:

    • Soft-Touch Finishing Coat
    • Matte Finishing Coat
    • Glossy Finishing Coat
    • Varnish Finishing Coat

    Give Your Products A Perfect Luxury Packaging

    We provide you premium quality packaging with our rigid magnetic boxes. These will help you improve customer’s unboxing experience with enhanced features and attractive details. Rigid boxes are the finest packaging that makes your products look a class apart and stand out on a retail shelf. Our popular printing techniques and color models will contribute to the recognition and recall of your brand. Not to miss our exclusive add-ons and finishing coats that add to the brand value and instantly grasp customers’ attention. Custom Rigid Boxes is just a tap away to take care of all your packaging needs.  


    Magnetic Boxes That Pull Customers To Your Product

    Our rigid magnetic boxes will attract customers and make them stick to your products with the alluring appeal and outstanding experience.

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