Custom Shape Rigid Boxes

Custom Shape Rigid Boxes, Robust Yet Mesmerizing Packaging

The Rigid Box is a creator of premium rigid packaging. Our custom shape rigid boxes are no different. We use the latest technologies to shape attractive forms. Furthermore, our custom shape rigid boxes have incredible durability and fascinating visual appeal.

We create packaging that helps you improve your branding. To do this, we offer printing techniques and color models. Furthermore, we also offer different customization options. These options help create packaging that can stand out in the market. Our prototyping options can help you fix any mistakes before committing to a bulk order. Let’s make exciting custom shape rigid boxes. 

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     What Are Custom Shape Rigid Boxes?

    Rigid boxes that are made into different forms are known as custom shape rigid boxes. They can be made in different sizes. Furthermore, their unique shape allows them to house the products safely while attracting customers. Moreover, why settle for cheap custom-shaped cardboard boxes when custom shape rigid packaging boxes can help increase the perceived value of your products?

    Color Models Used In Custom Shape Rigid Boxes

    We offer color models that can help you decorate your packaging. Colors help convey emotions. Thus, they can help complement your products and brands. Color models are a way to represent the different shades in the spectrum. It is helpful to create brand-accurate colors consistently. Our color models can help you create such shades. Please read on to learn more about the different color models we offer. 

    • PMS Color Model
    • CMYK Color Model

    PMS Color Model

    PMS is short for Pantone Matching System. This model produces spot colors. Furthermore, each shade is assigned a unique code. This code is helpful for printers as they can easily pick out the shades from over 1800 colors. PMS is widely popular among brands that favor consistent color accuracy over anything else.

    CMYK Color Model

    This model mixes four different colors to create a single shade. The four colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Furthermore, the colors created using this model are intense and vibrant. Thus, CMYK is favored by brands who want to excite their customers with the colors on their packaging. 

    Printing Techniques Used In Custom Shape Rigid Boxes

    If you want to create uncommon packaging among uncommon packaging, you need attractive printed designs. These designs can contain your brand image, artwork, logo, slogan, etc. Furthermore, you can even print attractive deals and information about the products and brand too. Our printing techniques help you achieve this while keeping costs low. Moreover, our different options can help you create smudge-free prints that can help you improve your branding. The following are the printing options we offer.

    • Offset Printing Technique
    • Digital Printing Technique

    Offset Printing Technique

    If you want the best possible print quality, then offset printing should be your go-to choice. This method uses printing plates to transfer your image onto the packaging. The manufacturing of these plates needs time and incurs cost. Thus, the turnaround times and initial investment for this method are high. Furthermore, making design changes means starting the process from the beginning. However, if you want to remain cost-effective while completing large-volume orders, offset printing is the way to go.

    Digital Printing Technique

    This printing method helps you remain cost-effective when completing low-volume orders. This technique uses a digital source to transfer the image to the printer. No printing plates are needed, and the setup for this method is simple. Thus, the turnaround times for this method are low. Furthermore, changing the print design is easy. However, the print quality of this technique is not as good as the offset printing technique.

    Contact our team to start designing custom-printed shape rigid boxes that can take your packaging to the next level.

    Customization Options Used In Custom Shape Rigid Boxes

    We offer various customization options. Whether you want to decorate rigid cardboard setup boxes or are looking to spice up custom shape rigid packaging boxes, we have you covered. Our many options allow you to pick and choose different customizations. Thus, you can create many designs that can cover your entire catalog of products. We have divided our customization options into two groups. The following is a brief description of these groups.

    • Add-Ons 
    • Finishing Coats 

    Add-Ons For Custom Shape Rigid Boxes

    If you want extra features that can help endear your customers, then choose one of our add-ons. However, you are not limited to using only one. You can combine different add-ons and create a custom shape rigid boxes wholesale packaging that is truly unique. The following add-ons can help you create exclusive packaging. Feel free to have a look.

    • Spot UV
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Hot Stamping
    • Window Patching

    Finishing Coats For Custom Shape Rigid Boxes

    Finishing coats help complete the design of your packaging. Our options allow you to cover your packaging with beautiful effects. However, you are limited to using only one finishing coat per design. If you want to wrap custom printed rigid boxes in a beautiful coating that preserves the printed design, choose one of the following finishing coats. 

    • Soft-Touch Finishing Coat
    • Matte Finishing Coat
    • Gloss Finishing Coat
    • Varnish Finishing Coat

    Prototyping Options For Your Custom Shape Rigid Packaging

    We offer samples that are accurate representations of your design. Furthermore, our different options can help you view your packaging from different perspectives. Thus, you can judge the different aspects of the boxes and make changes where necessary. Moreover, we even offer physical units which represent a single unit of the bulk order. The following are the different prototyping options we offer.

    • 2D Die-Card
    • 3D Folding Video
    • Physical Unit Sampling

    Let’s Make Mesmerizing Custom Shape Rigid Packaging

    The Rigid Packaging Pro offers custom shapes rigid boxes for wholesale and retail. Our state-of-the-art printing techniques and color models can help you decorate your boxes. At the same time, you can use our many add-ons and finishing coats to create unique designs. Lastly, our prototypes can help you view your designs to fix any mistakes.

    Custom Shape Rigid Boxes, Versatile And Exciting

    The Rigid Box creates custom shape rigid boxes that look amazing. They can protect your products as they go through long-distance and international shipping.

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