One Piece Rigid Boxes

Your search for durable packaging ends with our 1 piece rigid boxes. We use premium rigid material to manufacture our boxes. Thus, our packaging can help protect your products through long-distance and international shipping. 

Furthermore, it looks wonderful. Our customization options allow you to create boxes in a range of shapes and sizes. Along with add-ons and finishing coats, you can decorate the boxes using attractive prints and color models. To help complete your designs, we offer prototyping options too. Let’s not wait any longer and create remarkable 1 piece rigid boxes.

What Are One Piece Rigid Boxes?

One piece rigid boxes is robust and impressively beautiful. The rigid material is dense and can withstand long-distance and international shipping well. Furthermore, printed designs on wholesale rigid one piece boxes pop out due to the amazing rigid material.

One piece rigid boxes have a lid that is fixed flexibly to the packaging. Thus, you can display your products attractively. Custom one piece rigid boxes can help you express your creativity. You can cater to your products by creating 1 piece rigid boxes in different shapes and sizes.

Customization Options Used In One Piece Rigid Boxes

If you want to make trendy one piece rigid boxes for packing exciting products, choose a combination of our customization options. They can help you create unique rigid packaging. Our options allow you to design custom one piece rigid boxes that can be endearing to your customers. Furthermore, they can help you increase the customer experience. We offer a lot of different customizations. Hence, we have separated them into two groups for your ease of understanding. The following is a description of the different types of customizations we offer. 

  • Finishing Coats 
  • Add-Ons 

Finishing Coats For One Piece Rigid Boxes

If you want to create 1 piece rigid boxes that look attractive, you need to use finishing coats. They can help you bring the packaging together. Finishing coats are thin and cover the complete packaging. Furthermore, they offer beautiful effects that can help pull the customers towards the packaging. The following are the stylish finishing coats we offer.

  • Soft-Touch Finishing Coat
  • Matte Finishing Coat
  • Gloss Finishing Coat
  • Varnish Finishing Coat

Soft-Touch Finishing Coat

This finishing can help you create a velvety and gentle tactile feel. Thus, the soft-touch finishing coat can help you endear the customers. 

Matte Finishing Coat

This coating helps create custom one piece rigid boxes that look regal and classy. 

Gloss Finishing Coat

If you want your 1 piece rigid boxes that can shine and sparkle in the lights on the retail shelves, choose the gloss finishing coat.

Varnish Finishing Coat

This finishing coat should be your go-to option if you want to combine matte and gloss finishing effects on your packaging.

Add-Ons For One Piece Rigid Boxes

Add-ons are extra features that can help take your boxes to the next level. These features can help improve the customer experience. Furthermore, they can help you create packaging that stands out in the market. Moreover, unlike finishing coats, you can use many add-ons at the same time to create a brand-exclusive style. The following is a brief description of the different add-ons we offer. 

  • Hot Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Window Patching
  • Spot UV

Hot Stamping

This add-on is also known as foiling. We attach a metallic foil to the packaging using heat and pressure. You can create intricate designs. Furthermore, this add-on helps highlight lettering and edges. We can also create interesting effects on the foil, such as matte, metallic, gloss, or holographic. 


We use two metallic dies to compress the packaging. The negative between the dies represents your brand design. The result is a raised surface that looks beautiful.


This add-on is like embossing. However, debossing depresses the design into the packaging. Embossing and debossing can help you create a unique point of focus. 

Window Patching

This add-on can help you convert potential customers. We cut a piece of the packaging and replace it with transparent plastic. Thus, the customers can look inside the packaging and judge your products without opening the boxes.

Spot UV

If you want to create custom one piece rigid boxes with a raised ink effect, choose this add-on. We use ultraviolet light to cure part of the packaging to create a raised and smooth surface. Furthermore, it can also help protect the printed colors. 

Printing Techniques Used In One Piece Rigid Packaging

We offer printing techniques that help you transfer your brand images onto the packaging. That is not all. Custom printed 1 piece rigid boxes can serve as a marketing tool too. You can print information about other products in your catalog. Furthermore, you can print important information on the packaging. 

When selecting a printing technique, it would help if you keep a few things in mind. Firstly, the print quality. Secondly, the turnaround times. Thirdly, ease of design changes. Lastly, cost-effectiveness. We offer the following printing techniques that cater to all of the factors mentioned above. 

  • Digital Printing Technique
  • Offset Printing Technique

Color Models Used In One Piece Rigid Boxes

Colors can help you display emotions associated with the products and brand. Thus, they can help make or break the packaging. Color models are a key to display the different colors. Color models tell the printers what shades to use in the design. Some color models focus on producing vibrant and intense colors. In contrast, others focus on creating accurate brand shades consistently. The following are the different color model options we offer. 

  • CMYK Color Model
  • PMS Color Model

If you want high-quality rigid one piece boxes with printing and captivating colors, feel free to get in touch with our packaging team. 

Prototyping Options For Your One Piece Rigid Packaging

Our prototyping options can help you view the designs of your 1 piece rigid boxes. With the help of the different designs, you can get the complete picture of your packaging. Furthermore, you can make changes where needed. Thus, you will have ease of mind when designing your packaging. The following are the different sampling options we offer. 

  • Flat View Sampling
  • Mock-Up Video Sampling
  • Physical Unit Sampling

Let’s Make Amazing One Piece Rigid Boxes

The Rigid Box manufactures excellent wholesale rigid one piece boxes. Our customization options include add-ons and finishing coats that can help you create unique packaging. Our digital and offset printing techniques can help you remain within budget while producing great prints. Decorate your boxes using our color models and view your designs using our sampling options.



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