Rigid Foam Packaging

Do you deal in products that are fragile and delicate? Do your products need an extra cushion while shipping, display, and handling? Well, we manufacture rigid foam packaging that can provide added support and safety to your elegant products. 

Custom Rigid Boxes creates rigid foam panels packaging that contains protective lining to safeguard your products against external pressures. Moreover, you can customize it with our range of applications to give it a brand-specific and exclusive appearance. This helps in the marketing of your product and the promotion of your brand. Also, improve your customer’s experience with our custom printed rigid foam packaging. 

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What Is Rigid Foam Packaging?

It consists of a box made of rigid material. To enhance protection for the products, the rigid foam packaging boxes has internal panels that keep the product in place and hold them secure. The internal cushions are made of foam to protect the delicate products from damage while handling, storage, and display. 

Rigid foam packaging boxes come in different sizes and styles to perfectly house products. Also, it may have different sections and panels to fit your products. Furthermore, you can avail yourself of our customization options to highlight your brand and product specifications. 

Our stellar printing techniques and color models can help your products stand out on a retail shelf. Also, our enticing add-ons and color models add attractive details to the rigid foam packaging and make customers explore them.

So order and customize our exclusive wholesale rigid foam packaging and make your brand get noticed in the market.

Creative Printing Techniques For Rigid Foam Packaging

Picking the right printing technique is an important task. The selection of printing techniques is determined by how you want to exhibit your product and brand. Nevertheless, opting for the wrong printing technique can be disastrous for the whole presentation of your product. 

Have a look at the options we provide and decide for yourself the printing technique that suits your needs:

Offset Printing

If you want to represent your brand with high-resolution images and can allocate a turnaround time of a few days, you must avail of our offset printing. Besides, if your order is of a large scale, it will be economically feasible. However, it is a costly option in the case of small-scale orders. Furthermore, design modifications are challenging to make owing to the initial setup requirements.  

Digital Printing

Whether you have a large-scale or a small-scale order, digital printing is a budget-friendly option for you. Moreover, no initial setup is required every time, so the turnaround time is quick. Also, the design modifications are not very difficult to make. However, the images it produces are not as clear as those of offset printing yet are of good quality. 

Our team is always at your disposal whenever you need it to help you pick the aptest customization choices for your wholesale rigid foam packaging. 

Arty Color Models To Enhance Your Product Presentation

What is the use of packaging if it does not represent your product and brand efficiently? Our color models add stirring effects to your rigid foam packaging and make your printing designs more noticeable. We have two choices in color models for you to choose from, considering your brand requirements. 

You can read below the description of each to make the right decision

CMYK Color Model

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black set up this color model. These four colors combine to produce more colors. The resulting multicolor images are exciting and vibrant. Being a subtractive color model, CMYK lacks precision and consistency in the colors produced with different devices. 

PMS Color Model

It is a universal color model covering over 1100 colors. A specific code denotes each color for ensuring color exactness and constancy. Therefore, no matter which device you are using, you will obtain exactly the color you want. However, the vibrancy in images can be somewhat compromised if we compare it to images that the CMYK color model produces. 

Exciting Add-Ons for Rigid Foam Packaging

Utilize our exciting add-ons to give a flair to your custom rigid foam packaging. These help in making your product stand out In the retail market. You can avail the following options to glam up your packaging:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Window patching
  • Hot stamping/foiling
  • Spot UV Treatment

Alluring Finishing Coats for Rigid Foam Packaging

Complete the look of your rigid foam packaging boxes by applying our stylish finishing coats. You can cover them up with a final touch of your choice and enhance their appeal. 

Here are the options you can avail:

  • Glossy Finish
  • Matte Finish
  • Varnish Finish
  • Soft-Touch Finish

Glossy Finish

It imparts a shiny and reflective glow on the packaging that never fails to grasp customers’ attention. 

Matte Finish

Our matte finishing coat gives your packaging a smooth and subtle look that does not reflect light. Rather absorbs it. 

Varnish Finish

Give your packaging a polished look with a varnish effect. It is less shiny than the flossy effect and not as dull as the matte effect.

Soft-Touch Finish

Give your premium packaging a further luxurious effect with a velvety and smooth touch. It has a mesmerizing effect on customers.

Prototyping Before Bulk Order

Custom Rigid Boxes makes prototypes to help you examine the design of your packaging. Once you have settled for a packaging design, you can order prototypes in the following three forms:

2D Prototype

It is a sketch made on paper along with the specifications of the design. It helps in matching the design specifications with the product dimensions

3D Prototype

It is a 3-dimensional image or video of the packaging design to evaluate it from all angles

Unit Prototype

It is a physical unit of the actual design. It helps evaluate the rigid foam packaging design thoroughly to make sure it fulfills the requirements. 

These prototypes help you evaluate the final look, stability, and functional integrity of the final design before proceeding with the bulk order. Hence, you can make changes when needed instead of going for bulk orders without assessment.

Avail The Premium And Protective Packaging For Your Delicate Products

Your elegant products need packaging that enhances their value and provides them with the cushion they need. Custom Rigid Boxes manufactures rigid foam packaging that is durable and sturdy. It can be custom-made with suitable printing techniques and color models to represent your brand. Also, it is enhanced with add-ons and finishing coats to enhance the appeal. This helps in brand recognition and improving the customer experience. The investment you make in custom applications can transform into profits with improvements in ROI. Moreover, the premium packaging with rigid boxes adds to the perceived value of products. Hence, don’t miss out on the benefits our custom packaging offers. 

Give Your Products The Extra Cushion They Need

Our custom rigid foam packaging secures your product and exhibits it appealingly in the market.

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