Custom Ball Packaging

Choose for your carefully manufactured balls a packaging that complements their standard. The different sports balls that you make need packaging that keeps them secure in their best form. Rigid Packaging Pro creates rigid ball boxes that can maintain their shape and protect them from potential external damages. 

We offer endless customization options to decorate your ball packaging to make them catch customers’ attention. Our printing techniques and color models contribute to brand recognition and make your products noticeable. You can also avail our add-ons and finishing coats to have the edge over your competitors. Call us right away to get the best custom ball packaging. 

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    These ball boxes are made of rigid material to contain sports goods and balls of different sizes that are made for various games. The rigid material is the sturdiest of all packaging materials and is around four times thicker than others. It is a robust material that can resist external pressures; hence, it can keep the original shape and form of balls intact. 

    We can craft rigid boxes in different sizes and shapes as per your requirements. You can avail of high-quality packaging in various styles for different products like tennis ball boxes can be of different styles, i.e., one-piece boxes with magnetic closure, two-piece boxes and folding boxes.

    Rigid Packaging Pro provides customization options that you can avail to make your products stand a class apart in the retail market. 

    Selecting A Printing Technique For Custom Ball Packaging

    Gain the attention of your customers with the help of our remarkable printing techniques. Make your brand and product details prominent by artistically presenting them in the market. There are a few factors that are considered in the selection of printing techniques. For instance, requirements of image quality, frequency of design changes, and the budget and time allocation. In view of these factors, we have the following options to offer you:

    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing

    Offset Printing 

    Offset printing, also known as lithography, is the best option when you require detailed images. Also, it requires more money and time considering the initial preparation as it is a detailed process. It involves the preparation of design plates made of rubber or metal. Hence the design changes are difficult to incorporate. 

    Digital Printing

    On the contrary, digital printing produces images that are low in quality as compared to those produced with lithography. It is a quick and popular method. Also, the design changes are easy to make as the preparation process is simple and easy. Moreover, it is a cost-effective technique for both large and small-scale orders. 

    Our expert team is always here to guide you with your customization options if you face any confusion. 

    Color Models For Custom Printed Cricket Ball Boxes 

    Applying a printing technique without infusing color models seems incomplete. A print without hues looks boring and won’t grab much attention. Selecting a color model depends on your branding requirements and how you want to impart colors on the cricket ball boxes. 

    Here is a brief description of color models you should know in order to decide which one meets your requirements:

    • CMYK Color Model
    • PMS Color Model

    CMYK Color Model

    It is also known as a four-color model. As it uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black to produce a multitude of shades. It provides color gradients with high vibrancy. However, it may lack in delivering consistent and accurate shades while using different printers. We use CMYK when we want to print colorful images on our product packaging.

    PMS Color Model

    Pantone Matching System covers a range of over 1800 colors in its palette. Each color is given a code to ensure consistency and precision in color production. PMS uses spot colors hence, it is suitable for a solid background with brand logos. The vibrancy of images might be a little lower than those we get from the CMYK color model. 

    To avoid any confusion in color model selection, you can always contact Rigid Packaging Pro, and we will be happy to help you out. 

    Remarkable Add-Ons For Wholesale Ball Packaging 

    We offer excellent add-ons to make your product packaging look way more appealing and highlight the branding details. This helps in brand recall and recognition by the customers. Also, these contribute to your product’s marketing as the attractive details grasp customers’ attention and make them notice your products.

    You can avail the following options to enhance your product packaging:

    • Window patching
    • Spot UV treatment
    • Foiling / hot stamping
    • Embossing
    • Debossing

    Rigid Packaging Pro offers add-ons to beautify your rigid ball packaging and improve the appeal of your brand and product details. 

    Exceptional Finishing Coats For Custom Rigid Ball Boxes

    After going through all the customization steps, it would be best to put a cherry on top with our alluring finishing coats—these help improve the customer experience with an attractive appearance and pleasing feel of the tennis ball boxes. 

    Our finishing coats add value to the brand and leave a good impression on customers’ minds. 

    We offer you to avail out of the following options in our finishing coats to leave a mesmerizing effect on customers:

    • Matte finishing coat
    • Varnish finishing coat
    • Soft-touch finishing coat
    • Glossy finishing coat

    Prototyping Options To Ensure Feasibility Of The Packaging 

    If you are still hesitant to proceed with the bulk order, we can make prototypes of your golf ball boxes’ designs with the given dimensions. Prototyping will help evaluate the design’s workability and integrity.  

    You can avail samples in these three forms:

    • Two-dimensional prototype
    • Three-dimensional prototype
    • Unit prototype

    As customer satisfaction is our priority, we will wait for your approval until you are satisfied with the packaging’s functioning and final look. Therefore, we will proceed with the bulk order after your approval.

    Are You Ready To Create A Premium Packaging For Sports Goods?

    The sports goods you create need to be shapely, smooth and free from damage. if the quality of balls is compromised or if they are damaged from any angle, they won’t be suitable for playing and you won’t get repeat customers. Therefore, we offer you to manufacture high quality packaging that can keep your products safe from damage and present them attractively in the retail market. The customizations you apply enhance the appeal and protectiveness of the packaging making it feasible for a range of products. so don’t wait and give us a call to craft for you an outstanding ball packaging to get them noticed on the retail shelf. We are just a tap away.


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