Rigid Perfume Boxes

Luxurious Custom Packaging For Your Delicate Perfume Bottles

Are you looking for protective and sturdy packaging to contain your perfume bottles? At Custom Rigid Boxes, we manufacture packaging that can hold your delicate perfume bottles safe and secure. We offer you to customize your rigid perfume boxes with our trendy printing techniques and popular color models.

Furthermore, you can enhance it with creative add-ons and stylish finishing coats to upgrade your packaging’s appeal. These features can add to your brand value and improve customer experience. You can also avail prototypes to ensure the design’s feasibility. 

Call us now, and let’s start crafting an exclusive packaging design for your perfumes.


What Are Rigid Perfume Boxes?

These are made of rigid material to contain perfume bottles. These boxes come in various sizes and shapes to meet your product’s needs and make them fit perfectly. The rigid material is the densest of all packaging materials and is sturdy enough to keep the daily products safe inside. 

Our custom perfume rigid boxes are a viable option to carry multiple customizations. These add to the brand value as well as to customer experience. We make premium quality packaging for the attractive presentation of your products so that customers cannot resist exploring and buying your tasteful product.

We offer customization options to improve the outlook of your product packaging and make it look appealing when placed on a retail shelf. Get in touch with our team to create an outstanding design for your wholesale rigid perfume boxes.

Printing Techniques For Rigid Perfume Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes use printing techniques that are trendy and produce prints of remarkable quality. Choosing the right print quality is an important factor in ensuring effective brand representation. Faded or poor print quality will leave a bad impression on the customers, resulting in a loss for the company. 

Investing in the right printing technique can take your brand to places and help increase sales of the products. Hence, here we have the description of the two printing techniques for you:

  • Digital Printing 
  • Offset Printing

Digital Printing

It is a trendy and popular printing technique that we offer. It uses a digital source to prepare and transfer the image to the printer that further takes it to the packaging material. Hence making design changes is not much of a hassle. As its initial setup requirements are minimal, it requires less turnaround time. Plus, it is a budget-friendly option for small as well as large-volume orders. 

Offset Printing

It produces high-quality images. Although it requires a longer turnaround time as the manufacture of design plates is required. Also, the cost is high as well. Although it becomes cost-effective for large-scale orders only as per unit, cost decreases in that case.  Also, making design alterations is a difficult task to carry out, considering the preparation process.

Color Models For Custom Printed Rigid Perfume Boxes 

Color models enhance your print design and give it a pop. It helps in making the brand and product details prominent with vibrant hues. We offer you enticing color models that complement your printing technique and fulfill your branding requirements. 

Please choose the option that suits your requirements and captivate your customers with the following color models that we offer. 

  • CMYK Color Model
  • PMS Color Model

CMYK Color Model

It is a four-color model that uses and combines cyan, magenta, yellow and black to formulate various shades. It delivers vibrant color gradients and makes eye-catching packaging for your products. 

If you want to design a colorful perfume box, then the CMYK color model is the best option. However, it does not promise color accuracy and consistency when using different printing devices.

PMS Color Model

If you want precise and consistent colors to represent your brand, Pantone Matching System is the way to go. It is a universal color model with codes to denote each shade to avoid deviances in color production. It covers a range of around 1800 spot colors and can reproduce the exact shade even when used through different devices.

Let us know how you want to design your rigid perfume boxes and your color requirements. You will find our expert team working on it with the best suitable options for you. 

Captivating Customization Options For Rigid Perfume Boxes 

We understand the significance of making your cosmetic boxes stand apart from the competition and offer you customization options that help you achieve this. Please read on to learn more about our classification.

Make your custom perfume rigid boxes stand apart from the crowd and utilize our captivating customization options that help you gain more customers. We offer you the following applications to beautify your perfume boxes:

  • Inviting Add-Ons
  • Charming Finishing Coats

Inviting Add-Ons For Rigid Perfume Boxes

Please make use of the additional features that we offer to adorn your rigid perfume boxes. You can highlight the brand and product features with our trendy add-ons. You can avail of the following options in combination or separately as per your choice:

  • Spot UV Treatment
  • Window Patching
  • Hot Stamping
  • Emboss/Deboss

Charming Finishing Coats For Rigid Perfume Boxes

We provide you with finishing coats that charm customers into exploring your products and make them check out your alluring perfume range. 

We offer the following finishing coats to smooth out your custom perfume rigid boxes

  • Matte finish
  • Gloss finish
  • Varnish finish
  • Soft-Touch finish

Let us know your product and brand requirements. Our team will select the perfect combination of customizations to present your products attractively. 

Get The Deluxe Packaging To Contain Your Delicate Perfume Bottles

Custom Rigid Boxes understands the importance of product presentation and manufactures for your perfumes the perfect rigid boxes. These not only preserve but also present your product attractively to get your customers hooked to your products. 

Leave A Lasting Impression On Your Customers.

Avail our unique perfume rigid boxes that are eye-catching and allure customers to explore and buy your products. 

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